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Easy Hairstyles from Monday to Friday to go to Work Divine

You get up in a hurry, like everyone else. You have 10 minutes to get ready before you go painting towards the office, and the last thing you think about is making an elaborate hairstyles of those that seen on the fashion catwalks, and that feels so good.

But of course, what you do not want is to wear your ponytail half undone again. How does my co-worker do it? Do you think will you get up an hour early to fix your hair? Nothing is further from reality, and she has already discovered the comfort of easy hairstyles, now it’s your turn.

Here you have 5 simple hairstyles to wear from Monday to Friday to work and then go out for a drink without having to go home.

5 Hairstyles to Wear from Monday to Friday

1. Classy Bun to Start the Week is One Types of Hairstyles

We know, perhaps this hairstyle will take a bit away from the simple, but once you learn how to do it, you will discover that it is effortless. It will only take a few minutes, and it is excellent to take it to the office on Mondays. Make yourself a double or straightforward bow like the one you see in the image, add a full rubber in the middle to give a feeling of volume and leave a loose lock at the front.

2. A braid for Tuesday

Quiet, you have long or short hair, and you know how to braid or not, this hairstyle is going to be another one of your must-sees to go to the office. If you know how to do the braid of a lifetime, you already have a lot of livestock, if not, practice at home the afternoon before. A long one that collects all your hair, and that is also fastened with two thin bands, one to the side with only a lock of hair if you now have short hair. Surely you see where we are going. The idea is to decorate your hair with the classic braid to have another ideal beauty look.

3. Smooth Medium Length for Wednesdays

Do you have short hair at shoulder height? Great, straighten your hair with the iron or blow dryer and move the curl around. Put on a hairpin if you have long bangs, so it doesn’t bother you. We didn’t forget with mane and smooth it but only on the outside so as not to waste much time, let it loose or put on a headband as an ornament.

4. A Low Ponytail for Thursday

As you can see, we are leaving the ultra-simple hairstyles for the end of the week, ideal to combine with your casual office look. Make yourself a low ponytail, secure, right? You have two options, or leave it halfway and give a point on purpose that is so fashionable, or you can tie it tight and add a little detail such as headband or headband. Perfect for girls who can boast long, straight, and beautiful hair.

5. Medium Bow Tie, Perfect for going to the Office on Friday

It is not the same bow you make to walk around the house. And it is just as easy to do, but it is a little better. If your hair is very long, fold it in half before putting on the rubber. If you have it short, it will not be necessary high or low, it does not matter. But do it with an excellent rubber and put hairpins so that no hair falls out.

Extra tip: comb your hair thoroughly before you tie your hair into a bun, so you don’t see big hair.
Now you know how to wear a different hairstyle every day of the week, the excuses are over!

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