Is This High-Tech Tool the Dyson of At-Home Hair Removal? featured image

Is This High-Tech Tool the Dyson of At-Home Hair Removal?

When CurrentBody said they had new technology from overseas, I was excited to learn about their new products for two reasons: they stock more selections for at-home beauty devices than anyone else in the world, and they’re always on the hunt for the latest, greatest gadgets and bringing never-before-seen innovations to the U.S. market. 

Right now, CurrentBody’s offerings include devices they’ve dubbed “A-Beauty,” or high-tech tools from Asian countries like China and Japan, where technological strides are being made across all industries, including beauty. One of those innovations is JOVS Venus Pro Exclusively for CurrentBody Skin ($380), an at-home IPL device that is designed for use anywhere on the body with individual face, bikini, arm, underarm and leg attachments that make it easy to figure out how to permanently remove hair easily anywhere on the body—and I mean anywhere. 

In the past, I’ve been wary of at-home IPL devices as I’ve heard from many experts that results are difficult to achieve and not as effective as laser hair removal. However, much of the issue seems to be pertain to consistency of use, and this new tool makes it easy for the consumer to bring hair-removal treatments home.

To test out the device’s abilities I decided to focus on my underarms and bikini line so I wouldn’t have to cover as much ground as doing my lower leg or calf. The process was so simple, there’s really no need to worry about time and effort as it took nearly no time at all to get it right and move from my underarm area, to my bikini line, to my legs. With a flexible head that rotates at a 180-degree angle, it’s perfect for treating hard-to-reach spots. 

Changing the attachments was easy, and with built-in ICE technology that cools the skin, the treatments are gentle and pain-free. The JOVS Venus Pro can emit up to 500,000 flashes in comparison to its competitors which emit anywhere between 90,000-250,000 flashes. The device also doubles as an anti-aging facial tool and has a skin rejuvenation feature., The LED skin-care attachment can be used on “skin rejuvenation” mode for an at-home LED light facial. 

Although the pain-free factor is a huge plus, what I loved most about using this device is it’s usability and it reminds me of how Dyson’s Supersonic has so many functions that it’s worth the hefty price tag. Equally, the JOVS Venus Pro is an investment, but when you think of all the place you can quickly and easily treat using the carefully labeled attachments, it’s totally worth the investment. With one full-body treatment under my belt in just under ten minutes, I look forward to saying goodbye to razor burn and ingrown hairs in those treated areas in about six weeks. 

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